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Rates & Specifications

2021 Advertising Rates

Ad SizeOPEN3x6x9x12x
Full Page$2,250$1,800$1,620$1,425$1,240
Cover Strip$2,500$2,250$2,000$1,925$1,775
Junior Page$1,935$1,550$1,395$1,225$1,065
Half Page$1,600$1,280$1,155$1,015$885
Qrtr Page$1,075$860$775$680$595
Eighth Page$815$625$550$495$415
  • All Ads Include Full Color

  • Unable to Discount Ads Beyond Listed Frequency Rate

  • The Above Rates are for Local Businesses/Organizations

Ad Specifications

Ad SizeDimensionsBleed
Full Page9.8" wide x 10.85" high11.125" x 12.125"
Cover Strip9.8" wide x 1.5" high11.125" x 1.5"
Junior Page9.8" wide x 6.75" high
Half Page (H)9.8" wide x 5.35" high
Half Page (V)4.8" wide x 10.85” high
Quarter Page9.8" wide x 2.6 high
Eighth Page4.8" wide x 2.6" high
  • Artwork must have a minimum 300 dpi resolution

  • Ads must be submitted in CMYK

  • Acceptable File Types: PDF, JPEG, TIFF, and EPS.

Listings We Love

Our newest online offering, Listings We Love showcases 10 residential properties each month using an interactive digital map experience that's sure to capture reader's attention. Listings We Love provides a simple, cost-effective tool for boosting your property's exposure amongst Biscayne Times' affluent audience.

  1. Purchase a Single Listings for $249

  2. Purchase a Bulk Pack of Listings: available in these quantities, 3 @ $199 ea, 6 @ $169 ea, 12 @ $139 ea)

  3. Secure an Exclusive Sponsorship of "Listings We Love" Starting at $4,800/Quarter (Contact us for more details)

Sticky Note Advertising

  1. 4" x 3" Custom Printed Sticky Note in Full Color on White Paper (Full Run 30,000 Copies) - $1,699

  2. 4" x 3" Custom Printed Sticky Note in One Color on Color Paper (Full Run 30,000 Copies) - $1,475

  3. Specialty Shape, Custom Printed Sticky Note in Full Color on White Paper (Full Run 30,000 Copies) - $2,199

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